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32669 Warren Rd. Ste # 6, Garden City, Michigan 48135 (Warren/Venoy Plaza) South side of Warren just east of Venoy.

The 2,660 sq. ft. facility features 2 studios - 10 poles, shock absorbing dance floor and offers all original Pole Dance Factory classes/sessions, Zumba, P90X, Runge and many other forms of fun & effective fitness!!!

Pole Dance Factory classes are the only pole courses specifically designed to build strength, tone, increase felxibility & increase stamina. Get Pole fit!!!

Future trend of fitness: "Conga Fit" - work the drums!!!  Don't have to know how to drum to have intense fun with this new work out exclusively from Station X.

NEW: "Fitness Circle" Beginners sessions for those that wish to set goals, work in a supportive environment, work at your own pace & have fun. Wheelchair accessible. Cost: donations.

Download schedule on home page/pick one up at our studios or email request.

*See P90X Certified Page for specifics on programs/classes. 

High Density Foam Roller Classes - Self deep massage! See Patty & in studio for details...perfect addition to our many unique classes.

***NEW: "Essential Oils" Classes. Learn & sample a variety of oils, their origins & their many uses & benefits for health, beauty and home. Visit www.mydoterra.com/patriciapelto for sneak peek! Contact Patty for class dates/time. 

Registration Form
 May pre-reg by mail or in studio with this form. For special events, workshops, pole and trapeze sessions or use PayPal Button below.

Pre-reg for pole, trapeze or deposit for other sessions, events or workshops. Button value is $15.

Purchase your Zumba-6-pack card or Unlimited Week card here. Button value $25. *NON-Trans or refundable.

  • P90X Unlimited Month = SPECIAL $75 (Zumba & P90X classes only).
  • All classes on drop-in basis and can pay as you go.

What is Zumba??? It is an hour of simple dance to the rythyms of Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Samba and more...Burn up to 1000 calories in this fun and energizing hour. Can use the easy moves on the dance floor and even on the pole!!! Day and evening sessions available. Always $5 per session. No long term contracts or committments - pay as you go at your convenience. See schedule for times/days. $5, 1 hour.

"Zumba Burst" - High intensity Zumba with lots of intervals...get results in 1/2 the time as Zumba. $5, 1/2 hour.

"Zumba Toning" - For those ready to take their Zumba adventure to the next level with use of light weight music sticks!!! $7, 45 min.

"Zumba Gold" - For the beginner or those in their "Golden Years" or with limited physical movement. $5, 1/2 hour.

"Zumba Gold/Toning - Golden moves with light weight sticks. $5, 1/2 hour.

"Zumba Sentao" - Coming Soon!!! $5, 1/2 hour.

"Zumba Circuit" - 1 minute intervals of work stations and pure Zumba Dance. Limit 20 per session. $5, 1/2 hour.

"ZEN Warriors" aka Box Rockz" - Z-boxing to new level with sounds of heavy metal! Truly get that rock hard bod. $5, 45 min.

"Vertical Barre" - Barre moves using poles. Great workout. $7, 1/2 hour.

"Hoop Dance 1" - Learn the techniques to some basic moves and put them to dance - amazing class! $10, 1 hour.

"Hoop Fit" - Total body fitness with the hoop. No prior hooping experience needed. $10, 45 min.

"Hoop Dance Private Classes Levels 1 - 4" - $35 = 1 hr. class, $95 (save $10) = 3 classes $120 (save $20) = 4 classes. Appt only, call to schedule.

"Hoopnotica Play" 1/2 hour of pure hoop dancing. $5, 1/2 hour.

"Inner Core Fusion" - Only class of its kind...focuses on the Inner Core. A strong & healthy Inner Core will have positive effects in all aspects of your life. Learn proper breathing, forms of specific moves and how to kegel correctly for maximum benefits. Just 3x per week for 6 weeks will make an incredible difference. Use this knowledge in all of your other classes and activities for a strong & toned you. Benefits include:

  • Better balance.
  • Lessened/eliminated back pain.
  • Inner organs stay in place.
  • Control of bodily functions.
  • Improved tone and texture.
  • Burn more calories.
  • Boost metabolism - more energy!
  • Increase blood flow & sensitivity.
  • YES, more satisfying sensual responses.

"Relaxation/Power Stretch" - Relaxation technique that will leave you feeling totally relaxed, all muscles loosened and possibly an inch taller. $10 pre-scheduled group sessions (see current schedule for dates and times) Privates: $15 = 15 min., $25 = 1/2 hr., $40 = 45 min.

"Poi Fire Dancing" - See schedule for details. (See Patty for making your own poi before your 1st class or Hot Sites Page for exclusive link to buy your poi). (Use code worldofpole for a 15% discount). $5, 1/2 hr.

"Shadow Dancing" - Learn 10 - 15 sensual body moves and then perform with our amazing shadow dancing rigging. Great workout, tones, invigorates and makes you feel incredible. Pricing $10, 1 hour class. Parties also available (see party page for details). 

"Surf n Tone" - Learn to surf and increase balance, tone and overall endurance and stamina. Incredible fun!!! Consider a Surfing Safari Party??? Watch for our specialty work shops with Spooner Boards - The "ULTIMATE" balance, street, snow & surf simulation board. 4 boards in one!!! Closest thing to surfing without getting wet. Take it to the streets, snow, grass or your living room. Great for all ages and fitness levels. Surfing Fitness Classes: $5 - 1/2 hr. See schedule for days and times. Limit 10 per session.

"Surf n Burn" - Surfing to the next extreme level. Surf n Sculpt & Surf n Booty comng soon!!!

Spooner Board Work Shops: Boards available for sale in studio only. Watch schedule for up coming work shops.

"Z-Boxing" - Hour session incorporating dance & kick boxing - not a cutesy cardio boxing class. Includes ab work, light weights and relaxing ZEN cool down. $5, 1 hour.

"Z-Box Circuit" - 1 minute intervals of work stations and boxing. $5, 1/2 hour. Limit 20 per session.

"PMS Alleviation Sessions" - Details coming soon. $5, 1 hour.

"Booty Camp" - Learn to pop-it, roll-it, control-it and tone-it. Includes dance moves to tone, lift and contour your booty. $5, 1 hour.

"Booty Beats" - All dance, All Booty! $5, 1/2 hour.

"Strip Me Fit" - Learn complete routine to various songs. This is harder than you think! Bring over sized shirt, gloves, scarf & hat. $5, 1 hour.

"Electric Chair" - Lap Dance anyone??? Learn the basics in a complete routine. So much fun, you can't wait to get home and practice. $5, 1 hour.  

"Glide-n-Tone" - A new and unique form of fitness that gets you gliding on your way to being fit and toned. Our gliding discs make your dance workout fun and intense. $10, 1 hour. Limit 10 per session.

"Trapeze Intro" - See how intense the trapeze really is. GREAT core work!!! Will flatten those abs, strengthen your back and increase endurance and upper body strength. $25, 1/2 hour. Pre-reg only. Limit 5 per session. Private session $35, 45 min. appt. only.

"Trapole'" - Special class where trapeze meets pole dancing. $35, 45 min.

"Polumba" - See what happens when Pole meets Zumba! $5, 1/2 hour. Limit 10 per session.

"A Pole Lotta..." - Pole dance to your favorite music genre. $5, 1/2 hour.

"Pole-n-Tone" is our famous 45 minute pole session that is our entire BB1 Pole course format into this intense workout. Gotta try. $5, 45 minute.

"Polahoop" - Hooping to the next level. Ever pole dance and control arm hoops? Challenging, but what a workout. $10, 1/2 hour.

"Polga" - Pole & Yoga have found the perfect match.

"Pole Spins" - develop that upper body strength by having fun with various basic spins. This is a vigorous class.

"Pole Teaser" - Learn 7 basic pole dance moves, including 1 spin. Perfect to see if pole is for you. Great for all ages, sizes, shapes and physical abilities. $15, 1/2 hour. See schedule for days/times. Limit 10 per class. Pre-reg.

"Pole Warriors" - Pole class designed for HIM! Same pricing as Pole Intro/Teaser. Privates also available by appt.

"POLE Intro" Garden City location. $25 per person. 1 hour. Please see schedule for times and days. Days and eves available. Call/email Great class before you do the Pole-n-Tone or Pole Lotta sessions!!! Must pre-register for Pole Teaser & Pole Warriors. "Pole Warriors" See how your man can learn the moves in a masculine form. Now scheduled. Limit 10 per class.

"Pole Private Sessions" - $55 per hour. Sessions designed personally for you. Appointments only, please call: Patricia 734-306-0909.

***NEW - "Your Song, Our Choreography" sessions. Have that incredible song that gets you moving? We can help whether it be for Pole, Strip Me Fit, Electric Chair or even the Dance Floor - we'll choreograph a routine especially for you. Appt only, 2 hour session, $55. Please call/email.

***Pole Time / 8 Station Gym - Practice your moves, create your routines or just strengthen. $10 pr hr.

  • $140 per person - see schedule for pricing specials.
  • 4 intense pole sessions.
  • FREE Pole Time during the month of your class ($10 per hour value).
  • FREE choreography Session - What to do with the moves ($55 value).
  • FREE use of 8 station strengthening gym.
  • FREE Strength & Flexibility segment in all sessions.
  • All courses include strength training, transitioning, proper form & safety.
  • Discounts on dance poles, accessories and World of Pole Clothing.

***Beginners Basic 2 - teaches 27 more spins and spin combos, begins students to climb pole and do basic inverted moves. Concentrates on strengthening weak side of body. Must master BB1 to take part in this course.

***Intermediate and Advanced courses also available.

T-Cutz: New WS to revamp those t's!

"Dowsing" WS - Learn to locate, heal and find lost items. See schedule or events page for more details.

"Pole Spins" WS - Not for the weak tummy. A lot of spinning here. 10 max.

"Tarot Reading" WS - Gotta see what the future brings???

"Make-up" WS - Learn basic techniques from the pros.

"Hair Care & Control" WS - Pro stylists to teach basic hair care, styling tips and more.

Pole-n-Tone©, Pole-n-Burn©, Pole-n-Sculpt©, Pola-Hoop© licensing information now available. Please call patricia 734-306-0909 to receive details.